Production Modernization

For the last year we completely redesigned our production development strategy and withdrew from slow evolutionary steps of spot-by-spot modernization.
We decided to revolutionize our production.
We have concentrated all our production in three main manufacturing buildings, what significantly improved its manageability and sharply decreases the logistic expenses.


Starting from the end of June 2012 we started purchasing and integrating the most advanced metal processing equipment.

On the first stage we reconstructed our blank production and launched two water jet machines for fough cutting of metal sheets (manufactured by PTV, spol. s.r.o., Czech Republic). It enabled significant decrease of metal consumption and increased the production speed and precision of the parts and components.


Currently we are executing the second stage of our modernization – we are mounting and implementing three machining centers on our new manufacturing site.  We acquire the best metal processing equipment by DOOSAN, South Korea, which specifications are highly competitive with the world's best specimens. This new branch of manufacturing will primarily be oriented on producing rotary vane pumps and Roots vacuum pumps.

The next stage is the casting shop retooling and modernization. In 2011 we built a new casting shop from the ground up, but back then we did not have enough resources, experience and knowledge for introducing new technologies. For the past year we have done a lot of work on selection of new technologies, equipment, suppliers. Not the casting shop's process technology is about to undergo a fundamental stage-by stage modernization, adoption of casting mould manufacturing methods, involving cold-hardening mixture, motorization, manual work cut-down, which will drastically increase the quality of the casing and will save our burden stock. For this purpose we also acquire some modern equipment, this time manufactured in England (by FTL company) and the most up-to-date process technology in the world. 

On the first stage we will acquire an iron casting production line, then - new furnaces with a bigger volume of the cast iron smelted, what will enable obtaining cast products up to 500 kg in weight, then we will modernize our aluminum casting shop and will motorize our die casting area. After this we will have one of the best casing production lines. Completion of the first stage and launching of the first line is planned on the 1st of March 2014.

Our goal is to obtain an up-to-date high technology production environment for manufacturing high quality vacuum pumps.