The most important direction of our innovative research is the development of dry pumps. It is well known that they occupy more and more space in the existing market of the vacuum technologies. We used to have some gap in this branch of industry. Therefore Vacuummash initiated an integrated project on advanced manufacturing of oil-free scroll vacuum pumps for nanosystems and nanomaterials industry. The project is designed for three years and is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. In the frames of this project we cooperate with Kazan Technological University («KNRTU») and in 2014 we are going to develop a new pump and to establish its production. 

As a result of executing this project we are going to create a new standard series of scroll vacuum pumps (SVP), consisting of:

- scroll vacuum pump SVP-4;

- scroll vacuum pump SVP-12;

- scroll vacuum pump SVP-35 and to establish advanced series production of oil-free scroll vacuum pimps.

This range of pumps covers the requirements of all kinds of vacuum equipment, operating on a «clean» vacuum. It is very important, that the SVPs being developed we also be used as forevacuum pumps in modules with bi-rotor Roots vacuum pumps, including the modules produced by "Vacuummash" JSC. It is known, that due to the presence of minimum clearances in the Roots vacuum pumps, there is no oil in their enclosed volume. However, currently rotary vane pumps (oil sealed vacuum pumps) are used as forevacuum pumps for Roots vacuum pumps. In the process of the pump's operation the oil vapors from the oil sealed vacuum pumps get into the enclosed volume, and thus all the advantages of the Roots vacuum pumps in terms of creating «clean» vacuum are lost.  Integration of oil-free scroll vacuum pumps into Roots vacuum pumps will enable fulfillment of such modules' advantages, making it true oil-free.

In the process of this project execution it is planned to cut down the cost of the pumps being developed relatively to their foreign countertypes due to replacement of expensive components of foreign manufacture for Russian ones, simplifying the pump's design and selecting the optimum proportions of the rotor's main dimensions (including implication of the proprietary scroll profile), that will reduce the SVP metal consumption and improve their specific characteristics.

The current demand for «dry» vacuum pumping units is almost entirely covered by foreign pumping equipment. Establishing scroll vacuum pumps (SVP) production in Russia will make it possible to withdraw from or drastically curtail importing of pumping equipment will lay the groundwork for development and production of other types of vacuum pumps and units. The lower price in comparison with the foreign countertypes will reduce the expenses of the consumers of vacuum equipment. Finally, assimilation of SVP production will enhance Russia's prestige on the high-technology vacuum market and related industries.