Historical info

The factory was founded, like many Soviet enterprises, during the war, in 1943, as the tractor engines repair factory. Then was a period associated with the production of agricultural machinery and diesel power plants.
But actually “Vacuummash” as an vacuum equipment manufacturer started to develop in 1959. It all started with the famous letter of academician Vekshinsky S.A. in which he justified the need to create a vacuum center in Kazan city. At the same time with forming of “Vacuummash” in Kazan State Technical University opened department for preparation specialists in the vacuum technique field and also National Research Institute of vacuum technique which during all soviet years was leading sectoral research institute and today is a part of “Vacuummash”. That’s why firstly Kazan became union center and then Russian one of vacuum technique.
Kazan city is a third capital of Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg. However we are sure that Kazan may be rightfully called “vacuum capital of Russia”.