Technical committee № 249 "Vacuum technique"

In 1999 Vaccummash management bring up a question about creation of standardization technical committee  on voluntary basis in order to organize and run events for national, regional and international fields of vacuum technique.

At the early march by State Committee for the Russian Federation for Standardization and Metrology order No. 65 at the premises of Vaccummash was created Interstate Technical Committee TK 249 “Vacuum technique”

Vaccummash provides financial security and organizational support of TK 249. Kapustin Nikolay was appointed as chairman of TK 249 “Vacuum technique”.

The main objectives of TK 249 are:   

- organizing development and examination of national, interstate and international standards projects;

- preparing of motivated proposals about confirmation or rejection of national standards project

- participation in forming of development program of national, international, interstate and other regional standards in the fixed field of work;

- auditing of national standards in fixed field of work for compliance with the law, state interests, needs of consumer, development level of science and technology, requirements of national, international, interstate and other regional standards;

- cooperation with national standardization technical committees in related fields of work

- translation and preparing of official translations of international standards for transmission to the Federal Information Fund of technical regulations and standards;

-Participation in determinate order in the performance of the standardization technical committees of international and regional organizations, including approval of national standards of the Russian Federation as an international (regional)

- preparation of proposal for international and interstate standards development and proposal about position of the Russian Federation for vote on projects of international and regional standardization organizations

TK 249 consists of six sub-committees:

1."Flanges and connections" headed by Vaccummash (Kazan)
2.“Low pressure measurement  and calibration of vacuum gauges” headed by FSUE All-Russian Metrology Research Institute named after D.I.Mendeleev (St. Petersburg)

     3.“Vacuum pumps performance measurement” headed by Vaccummash (Kazan)

     4.“Terminology, classification, symbols” headed by Vaccummash (Kazan)

     5.“Tightness” headed by St. Petersburg State Technical University (St. Petersburg)

          6.“Materials of vacuum technique” headed by Moscow State Institute of Electronics and mathematics


By order no. 235 dated 29/01/2007 of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, CEO of Vaccummash Kapustin Evgeny was appointed as chairman of TK 249 “Vacuum technique”.