Research and Development

Extensive and expensive research is at the heart of all industrial processes and technical achievements.

Everything, what in the course of time is manufactured or used on industrial scale, firstly must be thoroughly researched, tested and developed.

The possibility of conducting scientific research is closely related to the use of the latest vacuum technology. Experimental research of evaporation and condensation, surface phenomena, some thermal processes, low temperatures, nuclear and thermonuclear reactions is conducted in vacuum conditions. The main tool of the modern nuclear physics – charged particle accelerator, is inconceivable without vacuum. Vacuum systems are used in chemistry for pure substances’ properties investigation, mixture design analysis and component separation, investigation of chemical reactions’ rate.

One of the largest and the most sophisticated segments of the vacuum market is analytical research industry.

The vacuum devices, used in this field, include a wide range of surface analysers, mass-spectrometers and electronic microscopes of various design, and also helium leak detectors – devices for control of leakproofness of various systems and objects: electronic vacuum systems, semi-conductor devices, devices for monitoring security of reactors, pipelines, heat-exchangers.

In its turn, mass-spectrometry makes it possible to solve various problems of analytical biochemistry, assists in control of illegal distribution of drugs and substances, conducting forensic and clinical analysis of toxic substances, analysis of explosives. Application of mass-spectrometric leak detectors makes it possible to control leakproofness of tanks and vessels.

Electronic microscopes are used for medical biological research, virus detection, and also in nuclear and electrical industry.