LEYVAC - The new dry solution

With the addition of the new dry vacuum pump , Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum offers its customers a new dry solution in the pumping speed range from 80 to 140 m3/h. Through proven technology based on DRYVAC and RUVAC, this new screw pump offers high reliability. This new pump series shows also in the high pressure area an outstandig pumping speed, similar to oil-sealed vacuum pumps.
Developed for tough industrial and coating applications, this series of pumps allows high uptime. 'Their robustness, dust compatibility and thermal monitoring capabilities of the motor and pump casing ensure high process reliability.
Based on the design of RUVAC and DRYVAC dry pumps, provides the LEYVAC a high pressure shock resistance and in unaffected by short cooling water fluctuations. For longer cooling water failures, the pump is protected over the temperature switch on the casing.