Ejector vacuum pumps

Ejector water vapour vacuum pumps NVE are designed for

- creation  and maintenance of vacuum by the way of pumping gases and vapours in apparatus of different processing lines of chemical, petroleum and other types of industries

- for pumping various mediums: from air to aggressive vapours of organic acids.

The pumps are consist of series-connected ejectors, intercondensers and hoses. In dependence of number of ejectors pumps are divided on two-, three- and four stage.

Also Vacuummash JSC puts foreign and domestic ejector pumps into normal operation and make their modernization in connection with change of operation condition at operating medium pressure and cooling water temperature.

Vacuummash JSC develop, produce and  make commissioning and start-up of ejector pumps which operate with any mediums.
Use of ejector vacuum pumps which work in accompaying technological meduims (gases, liquids and it's mixtures) allows to solve a lot of ecoligical and energetic problems.

Also it's possible to develop jet compressors, mixers, ejectors for pumping liquid and grannular medims and other jet apparatus including traditional vapour ejector pumps designed for any real time use.

Allowing for increasing requirements for pumps regarding safety of operation, capacity and efficiency Vacuumash JSC develop and produce the following water vapour ejector pumps for:

- chemical and petroleum industries with vane and scroll type of surface condensers which reduce metal intensity and size of systems

- metallurgical industry with connected liquid ring pump instead of last stages and condensersдля which reduce water and vapour consumption and  size of systems

- effcient single stage gas jet vacuum pumps for pumping gas mixtures of different application  

Water vapour ejector pumps are specially used in such processes where threre is a high gassing and where  pumping of special aggressive or dusty mediums are required.