The pump 2NVBM-400R/18000 (2NVBM-400R/18000) corresponds to the specifications TU 3648-036-00218526-2002.

2NVBM-400R/18000 is produced with flanges according to industrial standart prevailing in the Soviet Union.

2NVBM-400/18000 is produced with flanges according to standard GOST R 52856-2007 (ISO 1609:1986).

Advantages to the user
The pump 2NVBM-630R/18000 on technical characteristics is analogue of the 2NVBM-630 and all technical parameters are the same but design and customer appeal were improved

-there are hoses which allow to clean inside cavities of boiler and oil sump

- port for installation of sensor which monitors temperature of the pump operating fluid is provided

- modern thermal insulating materials are used

-comfortable design of the shroud