New generation of oil diffusion pumps ND

ND diffusion vacuum pumps with water cooling system are designed for evacuating air, gases, vapors and gas-vapor mixtures which are non-aggressive to the pumped fluid and construction materials.
The ND pumps are designed to operate in stationary conditions in explosion-proof room.
Насосы рассчитаны на работу в стационарных условиях во взрывобезопасном помещении.
They differ from NVDM series by extended range of operating pressures in the field of rough vacuum and  by essentially improved outlet pressure. 
ND series pumps are produced with the following nominal diametrs 250, 400, 500, 630, 800 и 1000 mm. The pumps have cylindrical bead formed case inside of which are installed vapor line with set of nozzles, operating liquid heating system and oil deflector. High specefic characteristics are provided by optimally calculated construction of the ND pumps.