Vacuummash JSC has a wealth of experience in development and production of various types of special purpose vacuum systems which are used in different industries.  It has been developed over then 100 different model type of systems since enterprise establishment. Some of them were produced by small or big lots and others were manufactured according to specific customer requirements.


In our systems most of famous science technological solutions are embodied. We constantly keep in touch with our customers and take into account the experience gained in the new developments. Physical processes taking place in our equipment are the most modern and constantly improving. 

In 2012 engineering center Innovac LLC was established  in order to optimize development and production of complex vacuum systems, pumping units, coating systems. It allowed to This significantly expanded the range of products and services.


Today we are ready to offer you development and production of vacuum systems of any complexity, the design and implementation of various engineering processes with use of vacuum for special coating manufactured by methods of chemical and/or physical vapor deposition, method of plasma-induced polymerization and also:

- vacuum coating systems

- thermal vacuum chambers, climatic test benches, space chambers, chamber for simulation of entry into the dense atmosphere;  

- vacuum systems for electric purposes

- equipment for crystal growing

- vacuum drying plants

- Sublimation drying plants

- vacuum pumping systems


We provide services for the development of technological processes which obtained nanostructured , cermet , polymer-ceramic , plasma- polymer coatings, calculations of vacuum systems , services for the development of vacuum technological processes and creation of manufacturing on  their basis.